KOMATEQ a.s. was founded on the 1st of September 2004 as a joint-venture between Steinbock Bauxite & Logistik AG and SMZ a.s. Jelšava in the town Revúca. The town is located in middle of Slovakia, it`s surrounded by very nice nature, and it’s very near to all main refractory producers in Slovakia. From the 10th of August 2013 KOMATEQ a.s. is 100% under Steinbock Minerals Ltd. and a full member of Goldenboat Holding. Activities of KOMATEQ could be divided to three main groups:

  1. IMPORT of raw materials as dead burned magnesite, fused magnesite, caustic calcined magnesite, flake graphite, talc, chrome sand and olivine from China, Pakistan, South Africa, Turkey, Serbia and Greece.  Almost the whole import is intended for Slovakian customers.


  1. EXPORT of refractory products from Slovakian refractory producers to the whole world. Main markets are Ireland, South Africa, Greece, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Germany.
LOGISTICS – providing of transport solutions and services for Slovakian customers

Our Team

  • Maros Reken - managing director.
  • Branislav Durjancik - manager for business and logistics.
  • Lydia Novosadova - manager for economy and finance.


The most common mineral compounds are categorised under the term magnesia which occur naturally are: Magnesite, hydromagnesite, Brucite, Periclase

  • Mining of magnesite
  • Dead burned magnesite
  • Fused magnesite
  • Caustic calcined magnesite
  • Flake graphite